Mini Scotch Eggs

Recipe for homemade scotch eggs

Scotch eggs are not found in Balkan cuisine but our friends Toi from Spain and Borislav from Bulgaria were intrigued when they saw them on our blog last year.  So they had a go at making their own versions of Scotch eggs and sent us some photos:

‘Here there are the pictures of Scotch eggs. There were delicious although  it was not that easy. We wanted the eggs not to be hard, but medium or soft inside, so that when you cut it all the yolk spread over the meat.

After several tries we got it but it was very difficult to wrap it with the meat because it was very

Making scotch eggs with quail eggs

‘The small egg  is a quail egg with a piece of my home made focaccia. The quail egg was very difficult to peel so that
we decided it was not worthy to make it with such a small egg.

These 6 Scotch eggs took us more than 2 hours but we enjoyed it very much.’