A different view

Wild Thyme Organic Farm, Palamartsa, Popovo, BulgariaThis summer we've ventured beyond the farm a little to explore a bit of the Bulgarian coast and here’s what we found.

We’ve had our first visits to 2 little resorts, Sozopol and Pomorie, on the Black Sea coast not far from Bourgas, which are favourites of Bulgarians and other Eastern Europeans. Neither is fancy but both feel really relaxed. We liked Pomorie best as it’s less busy and there’s a lovely promenade along the beach where people gather to swim and walk while watching the sun set. Our best find was Pomorie outdoor cinema which has lots of faded charm, a view over the Black sea and a projector man straight out of Cinema Paradiso.  

At home, Ellie has been for another visit to her man. Four of us escorted her up the street to Rumie’s house where she got reacquainted with the beardy boar.  She spent the night but business done was happy to trot home again coaxed with a bucket of apples and a fag.  So fingers crossed and we wait for the blue line! 

The weather is cooler so we’ve been busy in the garden catching up.  A good patch of the garden is now cleared where we had beans, potatoes, onions, garlic and sunflowers.  The auburgines, peppers and tomatoes are coming to the end of their seasons and the melons, courgettes and squashes are ticking along.  Still no Japanese pumpkins, Hiroshi and Satsuki, but we haven’t given up!  

In August, we had our first workshop with Joanne Mcmillan (www.joannemcmillan.co.uk). We didn’t know quite what to expect when Joanne suggested a workshop on Family Constellations but it was very powerful and as you can see we were a pretty happy bunch by the end of it.  

We also had a fun day with Nkiru, the daughter of Trudie and Uche who have a holiday house in the village.  She came to teach me to spin and although she didn’t have much success on that front, Baba Hristana came and showed us how to hand spin and was amazed at Nkiru’s skill with the wheel.

Hope you all have enjoyed your summers. Would be lovely to hear from you. x