Not just a farm ......

Make the most of your time with us and choose one of our activities or holidays.  

You can meet local people,

learn about the history and culture of Bulgaria,

try new skills

or enjoy a relaxing holistic therapy.

Meet Local People

Wild Thyme Eco Retreat Palamartsa

Horse and cart ride

Join Yomeer for a unique journey around the village.  Pay Yomeer directly.


Bulgarian cuisine

For groups of 6, we can arrange a night of Bulgarian food and music in the village centre.  Or there are some good restaurants in Popovo where you can sample some Bulgarian classics.  We can also arrange a take-away if you prefer. 

Walk in the forest

...with local character, shepherd and singer Stefan.  The day ends with an interesting surprise!  Pay Stefan directly.


Talk to the animals

  Walk the goats down to meet the village herd in the morning or collect them as the sun sets.  Or have a go at milking.  

Or just hang out with our dog Belcho and cats, Sage and Cheeky Nibbler!


Learn how to make yoghurt and cheese from our own goat's milk.

Preserves & alcohol

Help us make jams, chutneys, looteneetsa (the local tomato paste) ....

And wine, perry or cider .....

(depends on season)

Magical Music of Bulgaria

Next one 2020

Join our 3 day/4 night singing holiday learning the beautiful traditional songs of Bulgaria.  You are guided through the process with our professional singer Stela and accordian teacher Mitko.  The finale is a wonderful evening of listening to and singing with the village choir while enjoying traditional Bulgarian food.   

Your very own concert

Have your very own concert of Bulgarian music and food in the garden.

Or we can arrange an evening of Bulgarian food and music with the women's choir in the village centre.

Both are great options.

Meal: 20 lev per person

4-8 July 2019

Bring your instrument and over 3 days learn to play some Bulgarian folk songs.  On the final evening, you get a chance to perform with your group in the garden while enjoying a traditional Bulgarian meal and rakia!

Chris Fenton Thomas, Wild Thyme Archaeological Tours

Exploring Ancient Empires

Guided archaeology and history days, visiting the amazing historical sites of the region.  Chris shares his extensive knowledge of the area, while guiding you through an itinerary tailored to your interests.

If you would like a longer archaeology holiday, we can combine a number of days together to create a package for you.

Reiki Bulgaria

Reiki & Massage Treatments

Soul Thyme

Wild Thyme provides the perfect tranquil and peaceful environment for connecting with your inner peace.

We offer a free weekly OSHO meditation.   Please ask for details.

Schedule in a relaxing reiki or massage session.

You can take a reiki course with Claire.  She is a trained reiki practitioner and teacher. 

Reiki Training