Archaeology & History

Discover the amazing archaeology and history of north Bulgaria while you are with us.  If you'd like to self drive, there's lots of information below to help you make the most of your day trips.


Bulgarian history lies at the heart of antiquity, at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, where Christianity and Islam overlapped and where the history and politics of the twentieth century were played out.  There were ancient Greek trading colonies along the Black Sea coast and Thracian horsemen buried in lavish stone tombs with rich gold treasures.  Still surviving are streets and houses from old Roman towns; medieval rock monasteries with coloured wall paintings; and the two earliest capital cities of the first Bulgarian empire, a rival to nearby Byzantium.

This eclectic historical mix blends Thracian, Greek, Roman, Bulgarian, Byzantine, Turkish and Russian influences where ancient classical remains sit side by side with decorated mosques and huge concrete communist era monuments.