Wild Thyme provides the perfect tranquil and peaceful environment for taking a break, delving into mediation and recharging your batteries.  Learn meditation, reiki, enjoy the surrounding nature and your own creativity.  All you need to bring is an openness and innocence to explore and experience.

What to expect

Our program includes:

OSHO Active Meditations

We kick off the day with an OSHO active meditation to awaken our energy and end each day with a meditation to shake off any negativities that we have accumulated. 

The Indian mystic OSHO, created a large number of meditations to help people move deeper into themselves. He said that the modern mind was too busy to be expected to sit quietly in meditation, as was the practice in Buddha's time.

He devised a number of active meditations which include a stage of movement, including jogging, jumping or dancing, to help release blockages from the system, before sitting in silent meditation.

These meditations are powerful in helping us move and transform energy blocks.

Meditations on the course may include:

OSHO Mandala meditation
OSHO Natraj meditation
OSHO Kundalini meditation
OSHO Dynamic meditation
OSHO Chakra breathing meditation
OSHO Chakra sounds meditation


Anyone can receive reiki and learn to practice on themselves and others.  It is a hands-on healing technique used by millions around the world.

It is a very simple technique to learn and is not dependent on having any prior experience with healing, meditation or any other kind of  training.

The ability to use Reiki is simply transferred through your reiki teacher to you through a process called  'an attunement' that takes place during a Reiki workshop. As soon as you receive an attunement, you have the ability to act as a channel for Reiki  energy and after that whenever you place your hands on yourself or on another person with the intention of doing Reiki, the healing energy will flow.

Courses include meditations, attunements, and information about the history and practice of reiki.

In using reiki energy, we can gain new perspectives and release negativites helping to open ourselves to more joy and love.  It is through this process that we can raise our own energy vibrations and that of all around us.


We are blessed to be located in a wonderful quiet part of the Bulgarian countryside, surrounded by trees, birds and wild herbs.  On our mediation and walking retreats, we go off on hikes to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds us.  We bring a meditative element to our explorations.

Singing and Music

Come explore your creativity on our music and mediation holidays.  We offer 2 meditations each day combined with 3 hours of music lessons.  And there is a wonderful final night concert where students get to perform what they learned.


Your facilitator Sulochani is an experienced Reiki practitioner, teacher trainer, meditator and meditation facilitator.

She is trained in Family constellations, OSHO Art Therapy, OSHO meditation facilitation and ayurvedic and deep tissue massage.

She and her husband Chris moved to Bulgaria 9 years ago and set up Wild Thyme, an organic small holding and eco-retreat. She has been offering workshops at Wild Thyme since 2013.

OSHO active meditation & Reiki level 1

Course content:

  • OSHO active meditations
  • History and theory of reiki
  • Reiki meditations
  • 5 reiki principles
  • Reiki attunement which allows you to tap into the 'life force energy' that is reiki
  • Reiki self treatment
  • Learn to give reiki treatments to friends and family

7-9 June  2019

& on request

OSHO active meditation & Reiki level 2

Course content:

  • OSHO active meditations
  • Reiki meditations
  • 5 reiki principles in more depth
  • Reiki level 2 attunement 
  • Reiki level 2 symbols
  • Distance healing
  • Reiki healing techniques
  • Use of pendulum

20-22 September 2019

& on request

OSHO active meditation & Reiki level 3/Masters

The journey continues in reiki level 3 with more opening and feelings of connection and oneness.  As we continue with our own personal processing, more space opens within us to allow the light to flow through us and to others.  

The course includes:

  • OSHO active meditations
  • receiving the master reiki symbol
  • receiving other beautiful symbols and guidance on their use 
  • using reiki to empower crystal grids
  • reiki psychic surgery

Level 3 & 4 can be taken at the same time.

13-15 November 2019

& On request

OSHO active meditation & Level 4 - Teacher Training  

There comes a point for some where we feel we are ready to open our hearts to support others on their paths.  


  • Training in passing on attunements
  • Training in facilitating workshops
  • Comprehensive manal
  • HTSO manuals and powerpoint presentations for all reiki levels to run your own workshops
  •  OSHO active meditations

Prerequisites Levels 1, 2 and 3.  Level 3 & 4 can be taken on the same weekend.

15-17 November 2019

& on request