Healing Massage

The massage combines ayurvedic, deep tissue and energetic techniques.  It is a method that I learned in India with a great master of tantra massage, Shikha, who works close to the OSHO meditation retreat centre in Pune.  

We start with a warm up to relax the body.  This is followed with the application of hot oils.  The strokes work to help you relax and absorb the oils which detox the body.

The deep tissue strokes work to help you release blockages within the physical body but also work on the emotional and energetic layers of the aura.

The energetic component helps to clear the aura and brings you to a place of deep peace, silence and relaxation from where self healing takes place.

Most importantly, I work with presence, love, respect and compassion so that you can feel safe, relaxed and a flow of healing energy.