Art on the farm

Our wonderful artistic year deserves a blog all to itself.

It started in April with a great fun day in the garden with our little friends Immogen, Hegarty, Maya and Erin splashing and being creative with paint.  They painted everything from paper to the grass to us!  And continued with splashing paint with Lily.

Then we were delighted to have artist in residence Danny Mooney join us.  Danny spent a week  painting the landscape and local characters.  And he left us with some beautiful pieces now hung in the guesthouse.

Come June, we were joined by Hannah, a young artist from Bristol.  She came and painted us a new mural, her first one ever, which turned out amazingly. She even included Baba Nedelka, whom many of you will know from collecting the goats.

She has now gone on to make a career of it, which is great news.  So if you’re in Bristol and need a mural, you know who to contact!

Then our friend Ashtar, a mud sculptor and artist from Israel, came and painted us a beautiful little surround for a niche in the garden and also gave us an art lesson under the walnut tree!

Finally, we were very happy to welcome Danny back in October to work on his ink collection on Chinese paper.  Very beautiful.

I think art was just in the air after spending January with my beautiful art therapy teacher Meera Hashimoto!