Mandala workshop Bulgaria

Saturday 19 July – Sunday 20 July

Yarn mandalas, ‘Ojos de Dios’, are the artifacts of some Native American tribes like Huicholli, Navaho and Aymara. They are also made by Tibetan Lamas, and were popular in ancient Russia where they were known as ‘God’s Eye’. They had the same name in Spain,  where people who made them believed that when a person prayed before a mandala, God was looking at him or her from its heart.

In Tibetan shamanic traditions, before Buddism, they had a simple form and were named ‘Namka’. They were used for rituals, meditations, harmonizing spaces, energetic protection, personal talismans and objects for contemplation.

Mandalas, ‘Ojos de Dios’, became popular in Western countries in the Sixties, at the time, when Flower Children appealed for Love, Spirituality and Awakening. Nowadays their popularity is again restored and in many countries there are schools where this beautiful and ancient art is taught.

The process of making a mandala gives us the possibility of connecting with our inner essence and space.  This is a spiritual meditative practice through which we can resolve personal emotional issues and quests and find answers to specific questions. Working with the coloured threads restores our joy of life and our vitality and creates an atmosphere of harmony and joy. The classes last several hours and are accompanied by authentic Native American music or Indian mantras.

For me, Galya, it is a great pleassure to share this beauty with all those who have a desire to be in touch with this art.

Mandala Workshop Wild Thyme Bulgaria

Мандалите Ojos de Dios са артефакт на някои индиански племена като Уичоли, Навахо и Аймара, изработват се от тибетските лами, популярни са били и в древна Русия под названието Божье Око. В превод от испански името им отново означава Очите на Бога, тъй като се е смятало, че когато човек отправи молитвите си към мандалата, от сърцето й го гледа Бог. В предбудистките традиции на Тибет те имат по-опростена форма и се наричат Намка. Използват се за ритуални цели, за медитация, хармонизиране на пространството, енергийна защита, като лични амулети и предмети за съзерцание. На Запад добиват популярност през 60-те години по времето когато Децата-цветя отправят своя непреклонен зов за Любов, Духовност и Пробуждане. Днес популярността им отново е възродена, като в много страни по света има школи за изучаване на това древно и прекрасно изкуство.

Самият процес на изработване на мандала представлява навлизане във вътрешната същност, това е  духовна медитативна практика, при която могат да бъдат разрешени някои лични емоционални въпроси и търсения, да се получат отговори на определени въпроси. Работата с цветните конци възражда жизнеността, създава среда на радост и хармония. Занятията продължават по няколко часа на фона на автентична индианска музика или мантри. За мен е удоволствие да споделям тази красота със всички, които имат желание да се докоснат до това изкуство.


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Workshops Bulgaria


Saturday, 19th July 2014  2pm-5pm Workshop

Sunday, 20th July 2014  10am – 1pm Workshop


[wptabtitle] Tutor[/wptabtitle]

Workshop Wild Thyme Eco Retreat BulgariaI was born in the ancient Bulgarian city of Varna on the Black Sea coast. My grandfather was a highly educated man from Russia with a large personal library, full of wisdom and softness. I inherited my taste for embroidery and handicrafts from the women in my family – my grandmother, my aunt and my mother. We spent long days sitting among the roses and the fig trees in our little garden, knitting, sewing and embroidering beautiful pieces of home art.

 Then I studied languages and continued my passion for needlework.

I studied the art of making yarn mandalas in Moscow, from a Russian woman who was taught by a Native American Whicholi woman. Now I create my own mandalas, dream catchers, thread dolls of the Mother Goddess and Japanese temari balls at my studio in Varna.


[wptabtitle] Prices[/wptabtitle]

Mandala Workshop (Sat & Sun): 110 lev (10 lev discount per person for couples; 35 lev fee for children)

Mandala Workshop & Accommodation Package (includes Saturday Night accommodation, Evening meal Saturday, Sunday Breakfast) : 160 lev per person  (10 lev discount per person for couples)

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