Farm Life

Baby courgettes

Join us in our seasonal activities such as making cheese, feeding the animals or learn to make wine.

The animals 

Litter of organic piglets playing at Wild Thyme Organic Farm & Eco-holiday Centre, Bulgaria

Hang out with the animals:

  • Take our goats, Dennie and Monnie, to pasture in the morning or pick them up from the shepherd in the evening
  • Help feed the pig
  • Milk the goats
  • Collect eggs


Learn about organic gardening

‘Having experienced the lifestyle, the desire for early starts, muddy days and finding 1001 ways to use tomatoes is even stronger.  Thank you for the experience.’  Tracey, England Aug 2011

Join us on a free tour of the garden to learn tips for growing your own food.

DairyMaking cheese, Bulgaria

Learn how to turn our fresh goats’ milk into tasty natural yoghurt and a delicious herby cheese.



Preserving workshop

Learn to preserve fruit in syrups, delicious chutney, jam and/or ‘looteneetsa’, the wonderful local tomato paste.


Making salami at Wild Thyme

See how we make our own salami, dried ham and bacon using pork from our pigs. (Seasonal activity)


Making cider

Join us in making our own wine or rakia.  Rakia is the local pure alcohol made by converting fermented fruit into potent tasty spirits in a still.

Click here to watch a Kinobus film of making your own alcohol at Wild Thyme.