Day Trips

Within easy reach of our farmstay accommodation in Palamartsa are any number of wonderful day outings, including visits to three World Heritage Sites.  Distances range between 30 and 90 minute drives.


pliska ruins

There are a whole range of stunning monuments and sites within a 90 minute drive of Palamartsa,  including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Click on the links below for more information:

The area is known for its medieval rock monasteries. Of the 300 located in and around local caves, Krepcha is the closest, 10km away.   The most famous Basarbovo, the only working rock monastery in Bulgaria, and Ivanovo rock monastery, a Unesco World Heritage Site, are an hour’s drive away.  Carved into hollows in high cliffs and accessed by narrow rock stairways, their striking frescos are well worth the visit.


  • Kovachavets Kale Roman Fortress only 5km away
  • Pliska early medieval capital
  • Cherven medieval settlement
  • Veliki Preslav – early medieval capital
  • Nikopolis ad Istrum Roman town

We can give advice if you would like to drive yourself to these places or you can join us on a guided tour.  These are led by Chris, a professional archaeologist with over 20 years experience.  Click here for more information and here for an Isperih-Razgrad-Popovo tourist info site.

Local towns 


Targovishte & Razgrad

Have a fun day out in Targovishte, 30 km away.  It has some wonderful Revival period houses, an ethnographic museum, an art gallery set in a park and an outdoor swimming pool with slide.

Razgrad, 30 km away, has a lake, an outdoor swimming pool, lots of open-air cafes and a beautiful Ottoman era mosque.  You can also visit the ruins of an ancient Roman town.


Roman Fortress at Ruse

An hour’s drive away, located on the Danube, is the beautiful city of Ruse.  It’s location has made it an important centre thoughout history and the city still has lots of beautiful 19th century buildings and a wonderful ancient Roman fortress.  During the Roman period in Bulgarian history, the Danube marked the northern boundary of the Roman Empire.  Along the length of the Danube, there were about 8 Roman settlements and fortresses, one of which was at Ruse.  The fortified settlement, built in the 1st century AD,  was called ‘Sexaginta Prista’ meaning ‘Sixty Ships’.  The name derives from it having moorings for 60 ‘prista’, the high speed Roman war ships.  The settlement once housed 600 Roman soldiers.

Today there is an excellent archaeological reserve housing the archaeological remains of Sexaginta Prista.  It is strategically situated overlooking the beautiful Danube river.  The reserve includes the remains of the perimeter wall, a turret, barracks, a storage area and the Temple of Apollo.  Wonderful artefacts from the site including mini statuettes of many Roman gods and the amazing Borovo Treasure are housed in the Regional Historical Museum.

ruse 2

Centred around a grand square with outdoor cafes, it has lots of fine dining and night life.  We’d recommend a night out at the ballet or opera.  There’s also a daily cruise on the Danube river.




Shumen is home to the Tomboul Mosque which has recently been restored and is the largest and most beautifully decorated in Bulgaria.  Elsewhere in the town, there are revival period houses and museums, one with a fine display of Thracian weaponry.

On the hill above the town are the well preserved remains of the medieval fortress.  Nearby is the huge Communist era monument to the founders of the Bulgarian state, built for the 1300th anniversary in 1981.  The sheer scale of the monument is awe inspiring.

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo & Arbanassi

Veliko Tarnovo was the medieval capital of Bulgaria in the fifteenth century when Turkish forces defeated the Tsar’s armies.  This saw the beginning of four hundred years of Ottoman rule.  It is an historic town par excellence with winding cobbled streets flanked by beautifully restored traditional Bulgarian houses in dark wood and white plaster.  Many have now been turned into art galleries, cafes and hotels.


rusenski lom

Rusenski Lom Nature Park 

This is a 3000 hectare park located 30km away on the Beli Lom and Malki Lom rivers.  It is home to painted rock monasteries, endless vallies, mountains and wonderful birdlife including Egyptian vultures, lesser kestrel and great eagle owls.

Ivancha Nature Reserve and Eco trail

There is a waterfall, walking trail and picnic spot by the river at Ivancha, which is a half hour drive from Wild Thyme.

Hotnitsa Waterfall & Eco Trail

Hotnitsa Eco trail and waterfall

About a 45 minute drive from Wild Thyme, Hotnitsa Eco trail is a beautiful spot with a scary walk up some steep steps to a lovely view point.  On the road to Veliko Tarnovo, via Byala.

Targovishte Eco trail

This is a lovely eco trail, about a 30 minute drive from Wild Thyme which takes you through the foothills to a plateau overlooking the valley.  There are some archaeological ruins along the way.  On the plateau there is a hostel (hija) where you can spend the night if you wish.  The walk to the hija takes about 2 hours.