We have tried to create an authentic eco-experience for you.  Learn more about the eco features you’ll experience and about our organic small holding.

Organic Farm

We are a small organic farm and grow a range of organic vegetables for ourselves and our guests.  Our animals provide us with milk, eggs, manure and meat. We avoid chemicals and use crop rotation, compost, animal manure and green manures to keep our land fertile. 


‘We had a wonderful time and even more than that: Claire & Chris, their animals, the whole atmosphere made our trip something special…we got to know the Bulgarian rural life…Because of your hospitality and the insight into your daily life we will …take many ideas and new inspiration with us.  Thanks a lot.’ 

Nina & Benjamin, Germany 




Our Pig


We are one of Bulgaria’s accredited ‘Zelena Kushta’ or Green Lodges, recognised for our green credentials and contribution to rural tourism by the Bulgarian Association of Alternative Tourism.

This is how you reduce your environmental impact while holidaying with us…..

‘A huge thanks to Chris and Claire who offered us a better way to think and live.  I hope to continue the eco holidays in Paris.  Long live tomatoes and home-made rakia!’    Clemence, Paris

The Garden


Making Wine


Our focus here is on Responsible Tourism  and the internationally recognised ‘Responsible Travel’ have endorsed us. We are committed to looking after our environment. Here are some of the ways we and our guests support our village life.
Buy local – We buy as much as we can from the village shops and encourage guests to do the same.  Also available in the village are homemade honey, fresh eggs and free range meat. We also keep crafts produced by local people for guests to buy as souvenirs.
Village activities – We have set up several activities which give our guests the opportunities to learn skills from some of our friends here in the village – a horse and cart ride, a Bulgarian cooking lesson and foraging.  While we created Wild Thyme, we employed local craftsmen for two years to restore the farmhouses.  We employ local people to help us in the garden and with our maintenance.



The village has a traditional singing and dance group and an orchestra which host festivals through the year and travel not only within Bulgaria but throughout the region for cultural events.  Chris was a member of the orchestra for several years.
Guests are welcome to attend festival activities and can visit the cultural display in the village centre and meet local women who produce crafts such as hand knitted socks, slippers and handwoven rugs.

Skill share

 Volunteers – Every year we have a small number of volunteers who come to work with us for a one to two week period.  Over the years, they have helped us build mud walls, plant the garden, paint murals and learn yoga.


In April 2017, British artist Danny Mooney visited as artist in residence.   He created a selection of wonderful landscape watercolours; figure sketches of local characters and life on the farm; and wonderful IPAD paintings.  These and other beautiful works from Danny are available through his website and on his facebook page

Yoga classes Wild Thyme

In 2016, two wonderful volunteer yoga teachers, Ayesha and Maria, came and offered daily yoga classes to guests and friends from the village.

Luna Dolina
Luna Dolina Festival – Since 2012, we have been part of the organising committee for the biannual Luna Dolina festival at a neighbouring village. The festival brings together young people from abroad and locally to play music together for a weekend in a festival setting.
Herbal course 2016
Herbal Course – In 2015, UK herbalist Frances Wright of Green Lane Herbs facilitated a Herbal course.  Frances shared her deep knowledge with our guests and members of the community.  Village women brought their skills about how to use local wild flowers.
Kinobus – In 2012, a group of French film makers, came and worked with local people to produce 8 short films.  These were shown in the Village Hall.  An example of one is a short film about making rakia at Wild Thyme.
Balcony Players – In 2011, a group of gypsy Klesma musicians from Holland came and held an impromtu evening of jamming with local musicians.