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Trees, Wild Thyme Farm, Palamartsa


We are one of Bulgaria’s accredited ‘Zelena Kushta’ or Green Lodges, recognised for our green credentials and contribution to rural tourism by the Bulgarian Association of Alternative Tourism.

‘A huge thanks to Chris and Claire who offered us a better way to think and live.  I hope to continue the eco holidays in Paris.  Long live tomatoes and home-made rakia!’  Clemence, Paris Aug 2012

This is how you reduce your environmental impact while holidaying with us…..



Stay in accommodation sympathetically restored using traditional natural building methods including earth plaster

The original architecture and colours of the buildings have been maintained

Original features have been kept including mud floors, doors and windows

Walls have been painted with limewash, locally quarried clay paint or ecological paints

Recycled materials have been used where possible, eg floor made of recycled bricks in the barnspace


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Low energy footprint:

  • Off grid solar power
  • Solar panel water heating
  • Ecological products for cleaning


Walking at Wild ThymeWalks – We provide maps with self guided walks so that guests can enjoy the local abundant nature and interact with village life.  Also we have a weekly walk on Saturday that all are welcome to join.

Foraging – Join our foraging workshop to learn about collecting wild mushrooms.

Herbal Medicine Course – We run a herbal medicine course at the end of May to learn how to identify herbs and create cough mixtures, tinctures, ointments etc.



Peppers, Wild Thyme Farm, Palamartsa

Eat organic home grown food, meat from our animals, dairy products from our goats and sample some of our home made rakia.

Ask for a tour of the garden.

Dennie & Clairey

Learn about working with animals including how to milk the goats.

Learn how to save organic seeds, companion plant, use crop rotation, plan an organic vegetable garden on our garden tour.

Preserving workshop

Learn about processing fruit and vegetables and how to make your own alcohol in one of our workshops.

Make tasty yoghurt and cheese from our goat’s milk.



Compost toilet

Compost toilet
Compost toilet

Odourless compost dry toilet –  It not only uses no water but after 2 years the compost is used to fertilise our flowers and shrubs.


Sustainable Waste Management

  • Greywater recycling.
  • Rainwater collectors.
  • Efficient recycling.  Much of our waste is reused in other areas of farm life.  What is not, is recycled.
  • Waste Food Collection.  Food waste is given to the animals who turn it into manure which is used to fertilise the gardens.


Eco friendly library – we have an extensive library of ecological books on everything from natural building to permaculture to herbal medicine to water recycling.  Also a large number of fiction books for adults and children.

a well deserved rest

…………………..or just relax and enjoy the healthy food and lifestyle…………………