By bus

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It is very inexpensive, reliable and a bit of an adventure to travel by public transport in Bulgaria.  Popovo has a very good coach service using air conditioned buses to most big cities.   

Click here for the best website for Bulgarian bus information.  There’s no need to buy tickets in advance.

For travel to and from Bucharest Airport, we recommend Pegasus.  They have direct buses from the airport to Ruse or to Razgrad, only 30 minutes drive from Wild Thyme. Click here for buses travelling between Ruse and Bucharest.

We can  arrange a pick-up from Popovo bus station to the village.  

There are 4 buses per day between Palamartsa and Popovo each way (3 on weekends). Popovo to Palamartsa 06.30 (weekdays) / 07.10 (weekend), 12.30 (Friday only), 13.40, 17.40

Palamartsa to Popovo 06.45 (weekdays)/ 07.25 (weekend), 12.40 (Fri only), 13.55, 18.00

Listed below are timetables to most major cities.  Please note that times noted here may be subject to change.  Fares range in price up to a max of about 30 lev (15 euro) to Sofia.

From To   Journey length Departure times
Popovo Sofia   5 04.30; 07.05; 15.30
Sofia Popovo   5 14.00;16.30
Popovo Varna   2.5 7.00*;07.30
Varna Popovo   2.5 07.30*
Popovo Ruse   1.5 06.45;7.10;11.00
Ruse Bucharest   2 05.45; 07.30;13.30(minibus from bus station)
Bucharest Ruse   2 09.30;15.30 (Minibus from Horoscop Hotel);16.00 (from Filaret bus station)**
Popovo Istanbul   10 19.30***

*only Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun **The bus between Ruse and Bucharest is quicker and more frequent than the train. *** The fare for Popovo –Istanbul is 60 lev