Herbal Healing: Agrimony


To whet our appetites for the Herbal Healing Course in May this year, here’s a little information about one of the herbs we shall meet along the way.  There are still a few places left on the course.  Contact us to book.

This is Agrimony (agrimonia eupatoria, also known as cocklebur, church steeples, tea plant, catch as catch can, furr burr). There are several subspecies Fragrant Agrimony (agrimonia procera) and Bastard Agrimony.

It is a perennial and grows in dry grassy places between June and August. You may know it by the sticky burrs.

Its uses are primarily to stop all sort of bleeding. It also aids the liver and digestive system and can help with problems in the urinary tract and will ease the pain of kidney stones, IBS and chronic systitis.  In children it can help with bed wetting, anxious potty training and incontinence in the elderly.

It helps with stress, tension and pain by restoring balance and releasing constricted energy.

On our herbal healing course, we will learn how to collect agrimony; how best to dry it; and how to make it into various types of medicine, samples of which you can take home with you.  The course will be led by UK herbalist, Frances Wright of Green Lane Herbs, a herbalist with over 20 years experience.