Reiki Treatment

Among peaceful surroundings, relax, balance and heal yourself with a reiki treatment.  During reiki, healing energy is channelled through the hands to the client.  Reiki is a hands off healing technique and promotes deep relaxation and well being, helping to bring balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

I am trained in both Usui and Seichim reiki and am a Reiki teacher and member of the Holistic Teaching and Support Organisation.

Gift vouchers are also available.

Learn Reiki

We also run courses to attune to reiki energy so that you can practice the loving energy of reiki on yourself and others.  See here for more information.


We can arrange a full body massage with local massage therapist Nelly Ganeva at her practice in Popovo (8km away).  Nelly has over 20 years experience in beauty therapy and 8 years experience in massage therapy.  She has worked as a professional masseuse all over Bulgaria.  Guests pay Nelly directly for their treatment.  


Osho, the enlightened Indian mystic, provided us with a large number of amazing meditations.  He said that it is difficult for the Western mind to just sit quietly to meditate so he devised active meditations.  These allow us to spend some time actively moving energy through us before sitting for quiet meditation.  They are powerful tools for transformation.  We offer a weekly meditation here but please ask if you would like to learn more or join a meditation while you are with us.