Our little village still doesn't quite know what hit it. Last Monday, ten French film makers turned up in a battered Renault van. But, film makers with a difference. They make sudden films that might last for 5 minutes or just 12 seconds and they do it all within five days. During the time they were here they made ten films. They looked around, took in their surroundings and started to get busy- writing scripts, making contacts, finding locations, investigating village life, staying up all night.

The peace of our little farm was rocked but we loved every minute. Claire and I helped to make introductions, translate subtitles, take them to see the goats and the babas. We even tried to get hold of two old cars for a road race, Tarantino style. Scripts were written, torn up, recycled, everyone helping each other. One morning the garden was the setting for a TV discussion panel, the next it was full of people dancing. 

The first thing they did was to hold a screening of their films from Romania and we managed to attract an audience of fifty or sixty people. Then there were three days of filming and getting to know everyone. By Saturday the films were ready, just in time for screening at 4pm in the village centre. One of the films called 'Smile is free’ is on facebook. There were surreal dramas, a documentary about rakia making that used a waterproof camera inside the copper vessel and a comedy about waiting at the bus top. Two of them took a quick trip to the Black Sea and the mountains to make a film about an Irish girl with a violin. Then there was a big concert and party till 4am. By Sunday lunchtime they had all gone. 

I have to say it is rare to meet a group of people who work with such a co-operative spirit and with so much love and energy. Pinpin, Clemence, Camille, Paul, Sasha, Sunus, Karim, Etienne, Adelaide, Thibault, Melodie and Sebastien, merci we miss you all.