Lactofermentation Recipe

Bulgarian preserves: Making sauerkraut


The other method for lactofermenting cabbages is from my friend, Natalia.  Here it is:

Fill a plastic bidon with cabbages.  There should be a tap on the bidon.  Add 2 apples (cut into wedges) and 2 corn cobs.  Put a cross of wood on top of the cabbages to hold them down.

Mix 10 litres of water with 300g of salt.  Add to the bidon.

Continue adding the salty water mix until the bidon is full.

After 2 days, strain off the water and add back into the top of the bidon.  This is why you need the tap on the bidon.

Repeat every 2-3 days until you’ve recycled the water 3-4 times.

After this, leave for 3 weeks undisturbed.

The cabbages will be soft and ready to use.

A traditional recipe here in north Bulgaria is to chop up a cabbage; add some red peppers, oil and paprika; and cook on top of the wood burning stove or in the oven.