Our Season



Activities on the farm vary through the year.  Some stuff we do all the time, like watering and weeding, making bread, feeding the animals and taking the goats to pasture while others are seasonal.  See below for what might be happening while you are with us.


Home made wine

Bottle wine

Plan the garden for next season


Cute piglets at Wild Thyme

Sow tomato and pepper seedlings

Repairs of tools and buildings

Prune vines

Wild Thyme Organic Farm and Eco Retreat Bulgaria

Goats giving birth

Sow seeds and care of seedlings

Sow early potatoes

Make a cloche for tomato and pepper seedlings

Sewing seeds at Wild Thyme Bulgaria

Plant out seedlings

Watering and weeding garden

First vegetables – lettuce, spinache, spring onions, herbs

Mulch on fruits and seedlings

Sow early flower seeds & flower baskets

MayWild Thyme Organic Farm & Eco retreat

Cheese and yoghurt from goats’ milk

Plant out tomato, pepper, cucumber and courgette seedlings

Sow flower seeds

Harvest spinache, chard, rocket, herbs, lettuce, spring onions

Sow maize

First harvest of alfalfa

Care of potatoes – checking for colorado beetle!!



Kill and process goat kids

Cherry season – harvest, make cherry soda, brandy, vodka and wine; cherry pie; process for freezer

Foraging for mushrooms

Dry linden flowers & leaves for tea

Harvest gooseberries and make chutney

Harvest strawberries and plums and make jam

Harvest chard, rocket, spinache, beans, peas, mangetout, courgettes and herbs

Process surplus veg – freeze, preserve

Harvest gherkins and pickle


Wild Thyme Organic Farm and Eco retreat Bulgaria

Harvest raspberries and make jam

Harvest alfalfa crop for winter feed for animals

Harvest plums for jams and compotes

Harvest plums and make rakia


Optimized-dryin peppers

Harvest tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers

Harvest and dry haricot beans and other varieties

Harvest plums for jams and compotes

Harvest plums and make rakia

Make tomato sauce, chutneys

Dry tomatoes & fruits

Preserve courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes and chillies in oil


Wild Thyme Eco Retreat Bulgaria

Making tomato sauce, ketchup, harissa, chutneys, pickles, jams

Harvesting aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, apples and pears

Harvest plums and make rakia

Harvest grapes and make wine

Sow lettuce for next spring & late greens

Dry herbs


Making cider at Wild Thyme Bulgaria

Harvest apples and make cider

Dry herbs

Composting raised beds and fruit garden

Pigs on rotation around garden

Harvesting plums, walnuts, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, apples

Harvest pears and make perry

Making chutneys, preserves and jams

Lacto-ferment cabbages

Care of fruit trees and berries


Planting trees

Kill and freeze some chickens

Preparing for winter – clearing all pot plants; putting under cover; cover herbs and shrubs with mulch to protect from snows

Plant winter garlic and onions

Harvest medlars

Cut back raspberries and herbs

Plant new fruit trees


Kill and process pig

Sort and order seeds for next season