Sowing tomato seeds

Growing tomato plants from seeds

Our first seeds of the season are tomatoes.  Growing tomato plants from seeds takes a little bit of care but once established tomato plants are fairly hardy.  We have them all wrapped up in a blanket and plastic covering by the wood burning stove.  Tomato seed germination occurs at a fairly constant temperature of 21 degrees.

They don’t want to be too wet so we watered the soil and left it for a few days by the stove to warm up.  Then sprinkled various varieties on top, including cherry tomato seeds, and covered with a sprinkling of dry seeding composting.  Finally a sprinkling of water.

Saving tomato seeds from last year’s crop is the cheapest and best way to get your seed.  Most of these are ones we saved from organic varieties we bought previously and others are from tried and tested varieties our neighbours gave us.  There are lots of different tomato types.  We are growing a couple of cherry tomato types – one small red and one oval orange – which give nice variety to summer salads; roma which are good baked and for tomato sauces; eder and rila varieties which are big and juicy and good for making traditional tomato sauce; and a large pleasted yellow variety.

Our organic gardening workshop covers how to save seeds and grow tomatoes organically.  We offer eco friendly holidays staying in our solar powered eco guesthouse and self catering eco cottage.